KCW Day 2 & 3: Fairytale Costumes

Wild Things Style

O Wild Things Style

The end of day 2 saw A’s costume down to the fiddley bits.  Still guessing?  Turning the Lucky Girl Dress I’d wanted to make into a costume inspired costumes for the whole family.

Hint 1: My Costume

2015-10-21 001

Hint 2 : O’s Costume.  This is a super easy costume idea that comes with templates (baby/child/adult) from the Elli Blog.

My husband only got red suspenders for his woodcutter costume.

My sewing time on day 3 was spent hand stitching the ruffles on the front of A’s costume as the French terry was just to thick for the machine.  I wouldn’t have put the time in to sew this just as a costume, but as a terry hooded dress A can be little red ridding hood any day.

A's Halloween Costume

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