Snazzy Appleton x 2

Red Appleton

I stole Tuesday.

Here’s why (feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph if you like):

Monday was another getting old day and I spent it catching up on laundry, dishes and housework after a weekend trip, all while watching two overtired over stimulated little people.   It was extra long as my husband attended a funeral that evening and it involved an emergency call to the doctor for A, who had her first encounter with a Hickory Tussock Caterpillar.  So I decided that Tuesday would be all play.  Sewing and an audiobook.

Red Appleton Back

Tuesday I got to trace, cut and sew a muslin for the Appleton Dress.  I gushed about this pattern here.  As this was my first go through and I wanted more coverage and couldn’t go up a cup size as recommended  I went up a size to an 18 G/H.  The fabric is (Abstract Leaves from Craftsy) is  95% Rayon 5% Spandex.  My sewing machine was acting up a lot (probably because the thread I was using was old enough to be in high school), which made the process take much longer than it otherwise would have.   This is my first wrap dress and it is awesome.  I’ve never had  a dress that fit so well on top.  I didn’t get the extra coverage I was hoping for, but for the first time in a knit dress I’m not popping out all over the place and looking like I’ve wandered off my street corner.  If I wanted the coverage I’ve seen in many of the tester versions I’d still need to do a small FBA, but I don’t need it.

Since my plans for Thursday were cancelled I got to make up my Appleton kit as well.  I stuck to the same size.  I’m considering raising the hem to above the knee, which is a length I prefer, but I decided to shorten it by just an inch for now.  My machine was nicer to me this time and it took much less time.

Appleton Kit Dress FrontAppleton Kit Dress Back

The pattern is great.  It has simple images and instructions.  It gives all of the necessary information without going overboard.  The only part that gave me pause was attaching the waistband to the neckband, but I turned off my story, gave it a moment’s attention, thinking about what the desired final product would be and compared that to the pictures and instructions and got it in one.  I can’t wait to see more patterns from Cashmerette Patterns.

Here we are one week later and the sun has finally made an appearance.  Today’s sun allowed for a few stolen moments for a front yard photo shoot.  Thank you to my husband (who’ll never read this) for the photos, to Oreo for 5 minutes distraction for the kids so we could get it done and to Jenny Rushmore for the scrumptious pattern.

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12 Responses to Snazzy Appleton x 2

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  9. I’d be flattered. It’s a great pattern.

  10. Would you mind if I used your pic on my social media? (no pressure if not!)

  11. Thanks, for making them possible. 🙂

  12. Hurray, both your dresses are lovely! I’m so glad you liked them 🙂

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