Serendipity and a Sewing Vacation


The Cashmerette Product Line

After finishing up yet another Washi (so that I’d have enough fall clothes for a 3 day trip), I was eating breakfast and scrolling quickly through my blogfeed when I discovered something serendipitous.  If you are a curvy sewist and find much of your time is spent perfecting the FBA or grading patterns, you may want to check out this sewing vacation option.   Jenny Rushmore of Casherette has just released her first pattern the Appleton Dress.  An versatile knit wrap dress that comes in sizes 12-28 with cup sizes c/d, e/f and g/h included in the pattern (Read more on Cashmerette).  If getting back all of the time that FBA’s and grading have been taking from your sewing time isn’t vacation enough she even has some limited edition kits (which come with the paper pattern-no PDF assembly time) to save you fabric searching time too.

$60 is a lot for me to spend on  a dress or dress kit.  Until a pattern is TNT using nice fabrics can be scary, but I didn’t flinch at buying not only a slightly pricy pattern, but a kit from an unknown designer.  Here’s why

  1. The dresses Jenny makes are adorable.

Her blog has been encouraging me to try new styles that might work for a new curvier me.  One of those styles is a wrap dress. My hesitancy in the wrap dress category has been that the FBA and grading are more complicated than the already time consuming process of completing those on a simple bodice.

2. I want to know how it feels to be a sewist who falls into the regular category.

I want to be able to pull out my pattern maybe trace between two sizes and start sewing.  I may still have to do an FBA, but it would be comparatively tiny and I really think there’s a good chance it won’t be an issue.

3. Supporting a designer/business that makes plus size/large cup/curvy patterns supports those patterns being designed not only by that business, but by the community at large.

4. I could use a vacation.

Grading and adjusting is interesting, but the time from printer (I’m a PDF fan) to sewing machine isn’t relaxing and invigorating to me the way construction is.  To have  a project I’ve been looking for fall into my lap in a convenient easy package just as I need more seasonally appropriate clothes and when it can be justified as an early birthday present to myself is serendipitous.

Do you deserve a vacation?

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