Grey Day

Projects are piling up.  Pictures are needed, but I do have a little something to share.


 Grey dyed onesies

Former Berry Belly/Mud Butt Onsies

These finally made it off the pile of stuff “in process” on top of the dryer.  They are brought to you by my inability to find the same weight grey cotton French terry as the maroon I purchased for A’s costume.  They mark my initial foray into adapting some advice I’ve heard.  Buy white and dye it.

2015-09-24 003

I’m considering this technique for zippers and jersey and anything I’m likely to use often.  It would save time sourcing quality fabrics of the right fiber, weight and color.  It would also cut down on how much “extra” I end up storing.  Do you dye?  What things do you dye?  What do you use often that might benefit from a buy white and dye it system?

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