SSW Fall 2015: Gekita/Pattern Review: Seamwork-Akita


Was I making faces should be a regular question for my photographer.

Firstly, Cotton and Steel hasn’t drawn my interest, largely because the prints don’t appeal to me, but the hana and the mochi are sweet.  I had ordered a couple of yards of hana (Craftsy sale) and needed long sleeved or layerable tops for fall/winter. The hana is awesome, drapes beautifully and sews like a dream, but you probably knew that.  The Akita is pretty nice too.  The pattern fit my hana and my layerable tops need.    I moved the bust darts down 1 3/8″, then did a 2″ FBA.  I chose to French my side seams because the hana is prone to fraying a lot.  When I did this I also did a quick zigzag across the ends of the frenched seams to help keep those intact, since this seemed to be a potential weakspot.  This really did sew up very quickly.  I cut and sewed a muslin and then the actual top in less than 2 hours.  The giant pattern pieces are a bit unwieldy, but I just cut the front and back apart at the shoulder seams to do the FBA then taped them back together after.  It’s a really simple top, but also manages to be cute, though boxy.  More of these will likely end up in my closet.  I’d give the pattern a 4 overall.  It’s only a 4 because I really don’t like working with pattern pieces as large as that and because the shape and size of the scraps leftover made it feel like it wasn’t fabric efficient. At some point I might try adding a horizontal back seam at the shoulder blades with two lower panels and see if I can squeeze it out of a smaller cut of fabric.

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