Selfish Sewing Week-AAAH!

roving bribe

Fiber Briber

It’s selfish sewing week.  Finally and Oh No!  I’ve been very much looking forward to SSW.  Seamworks-Akita, Mouse House Creations-Julia Cardigan and Blank Slate-Pocketful of Posies are all on my short list.  Sis Boom Carolina Mae is there too, but fabric problems abound.  Usually I can squeeze in a good bit of sewing time during SSW.  Then I realized that we are hosting friends for the weekend…in my sewing room.  Let us just say that bits of the bed are currently visible.  I’m going to have to find the bed and floor and have my cutting table cleared off and the room cleaned and ready by Friday.  That’s a serious chunk of SSW when I won’t be able to do any sewing.  Knowing that I needed to get all that done and it’d be best done without littles I promptly settled in to make an Akita.  SSW priorities check.  Then I cleared a couple of the boxes off the bed and put some things away.  My friends will forgive me.  We will provide food and gaming and I will offer bribes in the form of roving.  Next up, sewing the previously cut out Julia.   Watch for an Akita post soon.

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