I Wasn’t Going To


Have you seen the new Unbiased Collection from Pattern Anthology?  The idea is that the patterns should fit all shapes and sizes and should be flattering.  I’m skeptical. Nice idea, but maybe lacking practical application?

I considered getting it at the presale price, but as stated I was skeptical and I also decided there were too many complicated bust lines for me to want to try to FBA the patterns I liked.  It’s been popping up here and there again recently.    I’m not sure if I’d make any of the patterns.  I do like the Adora. The others I feel fairly meh about.  If there were clear front and back shots of both larger and smaller models, that might change or it might not (Also the garments being properly fit to the models could help-just saying.).  The Unbiased Collection is currently available (until 3 October) on for a greatly reduced price with some nice coupons  (Spoonflower, Fat Quarter Shop, See Kate Sew and many others to the tune of about $250 is what I’ve heard.) bundled in.   Still…not…sold.  Coupons mean buying things and I’ve been doing too much of that.

Wait what was that?  You say that each pattern has instructions for making various alterations including FBA and SBA? The Adora also tells how to shorten the yoke so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it hitting my bust at exactly the wrong place?  Would I pay $30 to see how those adjustments are done on complicated lines and complicated lines on knits oh, and on complicated lines on knit/woven combos?  Apparently I will.  Particularly if I might make 1 or 2 of the patterns and get a pile of coupons for places I like to shop.  The collection also comes with a wardrobe design tool, some project design sheets and design tools for the collection for both regular and plus sizes.   If I could recall which of the blogs I read mentioned the alterations I’d link it for you, but I can’t.  Sorry.

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