Scrappy Headstart

item 2

An early start on holiday gifts.    There will be 9 children’s gifts which start with these.  If you have Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris, you can probably guess what these will be.  These plus, 10 scrappy adult gifts from another book.  Hopefully everything will get made up in time.

One family’s presents in progress

item 4

item 1

item 3

For more fun scrappy projects click below


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2 Responses to Scrappy Headstart

  1. kthurn says:

    I have no idea what these gorgeous scrappy blocks will be. I’m curious. Do tell, please.

    • I won’t be able to post what the finished projects are until after the holidays as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone, but I will likely do some more posts on these as I finish more of them and I will do a holiday gifts reveal early in the new year.

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