Making Time via Repurposing

Babyfood Sensory Activity

As I was putting away the groceries I looked once again at a week’s worth of babyfood that we weren’t ever going to use.  Some time ago now A decided she was a big girl and would have big girl food stopping pureed foods all together, all at once, without warning.  I’d been sneaking some of it into pasta sauces and things, but a little goes a long way.  It was taking up valuable kitchen real estate, but I hate to waste things, so it hadn’t been thrown away.  Then the way I saw them changed.  They offered an excellent kitchen sensory activity option along with other clutter items such as the sesame rice crackers that no one liked, the stale meringues and the last of the formula powder we had from when A was sick.  Add bowls and spoons and we were a go.    When we do this again (we aren’t out of babyfood yet) we may try paint brushes and paper or a larger bowl and a whisk.

2015-09-09 009

While O was making a mess with this, A had half a recipe of crisp topping in a gallon baggy to explore/mix (she’s just started cooking), followed by another baggy with presoaked chia seeds.  Neither lasted long.  In the end we were back to her feathers and giant pompoms.  Not a perfect success, but it got us through the late afternoon and it let me have some computer time.  When he was done O got to “wash” his dishes.  No fighting.  No screaming.  No headaches. Computer time doesn’t have to come out of my sewing time.  All of that and more room in the cupboards on a hot and rainy afternoon. 🙂

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