Skylines: Take One

Sugar Pop Front

This lovely blue poly cotton batiste makes me happy just looking at it.   The Sew Caroline Sugar Pop Top is designed for the very pear shaped.  I’m not sure how it’ll work for me.  I did an FBA, and I wasn’t sure about the darts, but I sewed it up anyway because I thought they’d be close.  Bad idea.  Perhaps I should put it on…but it’s so pretty just hanging there…

Having zero TNT patterns means sewing lots of  wearable muslins and toiles to allow for fitting and alterations.  This takes up lots of precious sewing time again and again with mixed results, which can be frustrating.   Skylines with its flubbed darts is one of the iffier projects.    It’s okay though, because because it can be worn around the house and should be super comfy and cool whether the darts are correct or not.  Having to completely rework my wardrobe and patterns  is offering interesting challenges, but I’m learning a ton.

Sugar Pop Back

Okay I did it…


(Sorry I’ve worn it twice and didn’t manage a photo…maybe someday.)

It’s not so bad…I actually received a compliment on it.  Wearing it with a different bra definitely helped.  I did still flub the darts, and I think maybe I need to narrow the shoulders a smidge and lower the front hem an inch, but it’s kind of cute.    It might be worth making again (without flubbing the darts.)

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