I hate Clothes Challenge: S*** I Don’t Want to Deal With aka Sewing Makes Me Happy

Fabric From Old Navy

$3 worth of fabric purchased on clearance at Old Navy.

They “fit” I can put them on and button them up.  I really don’t miss ready to wear.

Sewing makes me happy because of all the things I can fix.

  1. Torn seams, pockets, sheets and jeans.
  2.  Raveling hems.
  3. Holey T-s-They are just waiting to be underwear. I spend plenty on fabric, but these first three he saved us lots too.
  4. Gaping between shirt buttons-Hello apex aligned button, where have you been all my life?
  5. Pulling across the bust-FBA, YFBA, Double Dart FBA, Gathering at the shoulders, I love you all, even if you are still only a dream and even when you are like unruly children.
  6. Pulling up at the front hem-see #5.
  7. Uneven hems on skirts.
  8. Plumber’s butt-really of all the place I don’t want a draft.
  9. Pant legs and sleeves that are too long/too short-That custom length hem/cuff just makes the day better.  No drafts and no tripping , Yay!
  10. Cold Baby/Toddler – quilted toddler size zip down sleep sack with double batting


  1. Daddy watch onesies aka. berry chest and/or mudbutt onsies-though this fix usually requires dying more than sewing.

Okay so maybe I’m partly responsible, sometimes.

I had this post scheduled (along with about 5 more that are waiting for decent pictures), when I came across this awesome post about mending on Local & Bespoke, an Australian blog I follow, which totally captures the powerful feeling of being able to fix something, to make it new again and to be less wasteful.  While you’re there you might want to check out some of the posts on nature dying too.


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2 Responses to I hate Clothes Challenge: S*** I Don’t Want to Deal With aka Sewing Makes Me Happy

  1. I very much enjoy your blog. Thanks 🙂

  2. mazzaus says:

    Thanks for the kind mention! I love the wit you bring to sewing! 🙂

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