Seamwork Nantucket Shorts: Review

 Nantucket trim marks

Those uneven marks are why they are cattywampus.

Hello, Camping!

That is where these shorts went and what they will be called because I’m not feeling very namey, and because they started out like a tent.   Seriously.  My waist measurement put me in a higher size than my hips, so I cut that with the understanding that I might need to take in the hips.  I had to take the waist in 6 inches even though they ride well below my natural waist.  Everything was just huge.  Luckily with this style  I could overlap the front a bit more and cut the waist band shorter and sort of make them work.  They look decent, but aren’t quite symmetrical, because I had to finish in a hurry.

Next time I will try cutting 3 sizes smaller.   Those changes took a lot of time.  I think these would be super quick once fitting issues are resolved.  Maybe even a 1 hour project, even less if you have a rolled hem foot of the appropriate size.  Of course I imagine much of the stated 3 hour sewing time is taken up with putting in the rivets or eyelets.  I wouldn’t know as I inherited a handy little tool (kind of like this set of grommet/eyelet pliers) that popped them all in in 5 minutes or less (it also works for snaps).


Fit: 2  These fit great after alterations, but miserably as according to the size and fitting chart.  Update:  I’ve made these again from the same supplies, but three sizes smaller and they fit pretty well.

Style: 5  Great casual shorts, but dressed up enough to look put together.  I do miss having pockets.

Instructions: 4  It references the magazine for how to info for the rivets, but the application with regards to the Nantucket pattern is a bit vague.

Fabric Versatility: 5   These could easily be made with corduroy, denim, or twill, but worked up very nicely with quilting cotton.

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2 Responses to Seamwork Nantucket Shorts: Review

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  2. mazzaus says:

    ‘Cattywampus’ may have to be added to my vocabulary!

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