Vintage Turnabout Dress

   Warehouse Staff Unpacking Holiday Supplies 1 2015-08-18 001

A is modeling a fall look while unpacking holiday project supplies.

A girl who works this hard deserves a little something.  This time around that something is a Vintage Butterick 4731 Turnabout Dress and these rocketships, which are perfect for my wiggly little girl.

Supplies for 4731 2015-08-18 004

The turnabout dress can be worn with the ties in the front or the back making it easy for Dad, who often dresses her like a boy in part to avoid having to figure out where the dress front is.  The pattern also features bloomers. I made this thinking she might be able to wear it through fall with a onsie underneath.  This is a size 1/2, which to the best of my knowledge is as small as vintage patterns for children get, unless you are making layettes.  Apparently she’s still not quite big enough for the vintage 1/2 size.  Am I wrong?  At the rate she’s growing it may still fit in spring.

Butterick 4731 FrontButterick 4731 Back

This was mostly a fun make.  This pattern called for a lot of hand sewing, which I enjoy, but rarely have time for.  I chose not to hand make thread eyes for the hooks and just used the packaged ones.  Sewing in those little armholes-ugh.   The sleeveless version seems like it would be so much easier.  I think if I make it again I’ll probably put in snaps or make the bows functional ties instead.

This completes dress my pledge to sew three vintage garments  and get my vintage pattern stash organized and inventoried.

Warehouse Staff Unpacking Holiday Supplies 2 2015-08-18 002

Look at how much consideration goes into each item as it is unpacked.  This one year old really takes her job seriously.   She may need a bonus.  I’m considering the Butterick 2129 Pinafore.  Image-1

It could be her kitchen apron.  She’ll need one before too long.  O got his kitchen apron at about 2 and A is eager to climb up there with him to pour and stir.


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3 Responses to Vintage Turnabout Dress

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  2. I might just possibly be looking for an excuse to dress her up as a flower fairy on a regular basis, but I’m not admitting to anything.

  3. Alison says:

    Love love love those rocketships! And the apron in the featured photo looks like a flower fairy costume, in case you want something to do double duty!

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