i hate clothes challenge: Color and Style

color pallete components

Portable Color Pallete and Baby Toy

Are you following the Collete Wardrobe Architect Series?  It’s a little too clothes related for me.  That must sound odd, but my hatred of clothes shopping means that I don’t build outfits at Polyvore.  I am just learning the names for different sleeves and necklines and I don’t know which shapes suit my new post baby shape, which while still an hourglass, is a much larger not quite as shapely hourglass.  I found that the WA’s early, pick your silhouette and plan and match your wardrobe instructions were a little too vague and a bit premature for me.  I’ve been looking at patterns and I’ll have some trial and error in finding what suits me, but two things have been awesome and very educational.

Me Made May, wherein you wear your Me-Made-Clothes for a month, helped me really get to know what I have, what I’ve made and where my wardrobe holes are.  Here are some things I’ve discovered about me and my style.

  • I would wear dresses always, but haven’t done so, because I’m different sizes top and bottom and middle.
  • I do wear lots of skirts to make up for the lack of dresses and because they are easy to make.  Flowy and long are my favorites.
  • Tops have been my bane, but I like them fitted or semi fitted with sleeves (long or short) flowy sleeves make me happy.  Scoopneck is good.  V-neck is bad.  Turtleneck is awful.  I’ll test out some collars.

The second thing was the Wardrobe Architect Series’s post on color palletes.  It made me rethink and change my pallete and it gave me a great tool in the portable color pallete (see above).  The presence of some old standbys is reassuring enough to encourage me to try some colors I’ve never worn before and the portable pallete helps me shop whether for clothes or fabric.

Sun Dress Close Up

This ready to wear dress had at least 2 colors I would have selected over this, but as you can see at the neckline this combo really suits me.  I’ll let you know how the color pallete holds up.

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2 Responses to i hate clothes challenge: Color and Style

  1. The color palette took some work, but it’s well worth it.

  2. Hila says:

    I completely relate with what you said about Wardrobe architect. I dropped it after the 3rd week. I also found Me Made May jncredibly insightful and learnt to embrace more styles and colour than I would jave previously. I like the idea of a portable colour palette to carry with me when I go fabric shopping.

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