Getting Organized-Free Project Organizer Sheet (Garment Sewing)


Step One

Summer seems like lazy days, but they are super busy lazy days.  We’ve finally recovered (only 2 days behind on housework) from our camping trip.  I have a pre-trip project to share, as well as, an update on my I hate clothes challenge, but much of my sewing and crafting time has been taken up by organization and prepwork.

The sewing plans list is rather long even if quilting and holiday projects aren’t counted and I figured out last night that if I sew roughly a project a week excluding December which is so hectic, it’d take me until February to get sort of caught up.  Then I realized I have 6 more projects and some of the projects are likely to take more than a week.    Altogether that includes only 2 projects for A.

I really need some concentrated sewing time, but getting things organized again and reclaiming the sewing room from the piles of fabric will help make my time more efficient.  I’ll share some of what is working for me.

  1. Inventorying my patterns.  The boxes above hold my printed patterns.  Binders hold my PDF’s and Tapforms is making them all accessible.
  2. Fabric has been categorized and stored by category in boxes.
  3. Earmarked fabrics have been moved to pants hangers.  Like these:

Chrome 4-Tier Swing-Arm Pant Hanger

Fabric Holder

which used to hold all of my work slacks, but had been moved to my husband’s closet and were just sitting empty.  They still don’t have a place to hang since the craftroom doesn’t have a closet, but there are closets elsewhere.

4. Project Organizer Sheets helped me to get a view of my WIP’s and upcoming projects.

Sample Organizer Sheet

Project Progress Sheet Blank PDF

Project Progress Sheet Blank Doc

How do you organize your sewing?

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4 Responses to Getting Organized-Free Project Organizer Sheet (Garment Sewing)

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  3. It has been a long time coming and I’ve a long way to go, but every bit helps. Good luck getting organized yourself.

  4. Muse says:

    I wish I were as organised, you’ve inspired me!

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