Where Did the Pockets Go?

Lucky Number Three

 2015-07-19 008#3 PocketsBaby Bomb #3

This Washi/Washi Expansion is where those heart pockets are.  The maxi length is great.  When Maxi’s are out (I’ll miss them.) and I want to freshen it up, it should shorten nicely leaving extra fabric to make something else.  Gathers instead of pleats is a pretty minor change.  I like the nice deep Mendocino pockets, but might make them a touch wider next time.  The fit feels pretty close to perfect this time.  The variety offered by these two patterns is great.  I don’t feel like people would guess that my Floral Washi top, Nightlife reversible dress and this dress came from the same pattern.

Should the collar be white?

#3 Collar

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