Ginger Addiction

 I feel like an addict.  I have plans, patterns and fabric for Mommy and Me Gingers for A and I.  I Can’t wait to get started. Every time I see a Violette Field Threads Ginger I want to wear/make one two three all of them.   Actually I feel that way about most of the VFT makes I see, less wearing and more making, since most of the items are for kids, but hey, if they’d fit I’d rock some of the kids wear.   I must own at least 9 VFT patterns (due in part to the fact that they size from baby to 10, which gives me plenty of time to make them and fits all the girls I sew for).  The Vivienne skirt was my first VFT make.  Grape Ginger is my second and will be for the same recipient, who likes purple and sparkles.

Grape Ginger


Grape Ginger Front Buttons

I had two button options, but these were clearly the right choice for little girls as A immediately tried to pluck the shinnies right off this top.



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