Let’s Talk Pockets

pocket heart


Most of my favorite makes have pockets like my Spring Ruffle Tops and my Mendocino Sundresses and Nightlife.  I’ll definitely wear something more if it has pockets, but there are pockets and then there are Pockets.  Sometimes my pockets hold a binky or a car or both at the same time, but my ipod touch, which holds my current book (+a couple hundred), my pattern inventory (WIP), all my PDF pattern instructions for sewing and for crochet, about 100 audiobooks, all my favorite music, my schedule and my contacts and also serves as my calculator, cook timer and a flashlight  everything needs a pocket so we don’t have to be apart-ever.  She is, however, a tricksy vixen constantly trying to jump out of her pocket (and into the bathtub or under the tractor).   So as I cut out my soon to be floral maxi Washi (which still needs a name), due to a recent time consuming  escape from Nightlife’s pockets, I decided to swap them for the pockets from the Mendocino.

2 pockets

That’s some pretty serious difference in the pocket department.

flower pockets

Look at all that pocket room.


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