Danger High Waters

butterfly bush spinning

How did this happen??

  We went camping for the holiday weekend and we broke all the rules.  1. We left camp.  2. We didn’t cook dinner. 3. We didn’t cook breakfast. 4. We didn’t sweep up.  5. We also skipped Manhattan Hour (though this is optional for the teetotalers).  It was wonderful.   The kids had a blast playing and swimming and were quite tired. We played games, stared at the fire and hung out.  Unfortunately, there was little sleep Friday night due to a Porcupine eating our cabin which was followed by rain starting at about 2 am and not stopping until midday.  At 7 we got up skipped feeding anyone and packed as fast as we could.  The creek was only up 6″ when we rowed kids, coolers and everything else across to get back to our vehicles, but by midday it was up 2 feet, which would have trapped us.  Our camping trip was cut short by a day and I didn’t spend Saturday trying to split wood while wrangling small children.  Instead I got to spend Saturday and Sunday crafting.  Woohoo!

I worked on my newest quilt. Starting at the top: finished HSTs, cut HSTs, sewn HSTs, paired HSTs.

Rolling Meadows WIP 1

There aren’t any pictures of the painted components for what will become our Maypole ala.  this tutorial by The House that Lars Built.  Nor are there any to show for the craftroom tools project I finished, (which will get a post eventually) or for the applique pattern I finally printed out for another quilt top or the PDF I printed to go with this fabric,

Gift Ginger

which will become my first Violette Field Threads Ginger , which is all the rage these days.  It is to be the annual birthday garment for a friend’s daughter.

I even did some spinning for the first time since before A was born.  This is the Butterfly Bush colorway of Falkland roving from a local shop.  How-to review is called for, since the results weren’t as good as my previous spinning.

butterfly bush spinning

 This very crafty weekend was brought to me by rain, potential flooding and my husband making his own currant jelly-oh and naptime.

If you want to see what others are up to check out WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts.

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2 Responses to Danger High Waters

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  2. I love working on HSTs and then stacking them up like that. It always makes me feel so productive with my quilting!

    I came to your blog today through a link up, and I wondered if you might be interested in joining in another link up. My mom and I post one each Friday called Crafty Comment Karma, for people to link up any of their crafting, quilting or sewing posts. It’s open for the whole week until the next one goes up, so I hope you think about joining us! Link-up located here: http://bit.ly/1FT3LsD

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