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Lost and Found: Noodlehead Divided Basket

Sometimes projects get lost in the shuffle.  I am pretty sure this Noodlehead divided basket is one of my lost in the shuffle projects.   It keeps our diapers organized on the diaper table in the den.   It doesn’t go with anything in our house … Continue reading

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For those of you who sew for kids: If you haven’t tried Oliver + S.  I highly recommend them.  The patterns are very easy to follow and the adorable details are well described and often quite easy.  Don’t be intimidated.   … Continue reading

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Where Did the Pockets Go?

Maxi-length Washi dress with round collar, cap sleeves and Mendocino pockets. Continue reading

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Ginger Addiction

 I feel like an addict.  I have plans, patterns and fabric for Mommy and Me Gingers for A and I.  I Can’t wait to get started. Every time I see a Violette Field Threads Ginger I want to wear/make one … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Pockets

I LOVE POCKETS. Most of my favorite makes have pockets like my Spring Ruffle Tops and my Mendocino Sundresses and Nightlife.  I’ll definitely wear something more if it has pockets, but there are pockets and then there are Pockets.  Sometimes my … Continue reading

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G Hook and the Land of Lost Socks

 I had to put down this: And go back to working on this: Do you ever lose your crochet hook?  The one for your current project? Which was stored in a ziplock bag? Even though you have more than one G hook?  … Continue reading

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Danger High Waters

How did this happen??   We went camping for the holiday weekend and we broke all the rules.  1. We left camp.  2. We didn’t cook dinner. 3. We didn’t cook breakfast. 4. We didn’t sweep up.  5. We also skipped Manhattan … Continue reading

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