KCW Summer 2015: Day 4-A’s Gargoyle Garden

A's Gargoyle Garden

Lots of walking, some yardsale-ing, one bunny, one ground hog, one marsh, two creeks, and some pattern organization happened today.  Suddenly it was bedtime without sewing a stitch.  Of course, I thought I’d just step into the sewing room for a moment and now A’s nightgown is finished.    I made a larger size this time as A’s having trouble getting her head in even though it fits beautifully apart from that so bigger size means more head space, though now that I’m thinking of it the neckband was only a quarter of an inch longer.  Hopefully a quarter of an inch will be enough.  I’m looking forward to try ons tomorrow I guess that’s today now.

Pattern Notes:  Mamma Can Do It’s Emma Collection Knit A-line Baby Dress

A fun and simple pattern.  This was easy to sew up, but as this is my second project with this pattern I feel comfortable saying it definitely does have a minor issue.  The sleeves don’t quite fit the body.  Both makes have required me to sew a wider seam along the sides making the dress slightly narrower than designed and instructed to make up for the pattern variance.

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