Shorts on the Line/KCW Summer 2015: Day 2: Hidden Treasure


My first intercontinental trip was at age 13 to Australia as part of a Youth Science Exchange.  When my youngest is 8 we plan to take the family to South America to visit the pyramids (among other things).  If my son suggests “Let’s go on an adventure,”  I know where he gets it because we go on small adventures every day.  When the KCW traveling theme came up I was stoked.  Then I was stalled.  I knew I would be making two things,  the only two my littles currently needed, and both would be for A.  A pair of Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts, which I wanted to sew for Shorts on the Line and an upcycled nightgown.  Inspiration was elusive, as I tried to put postage marks, stamps, maps and passports into preset pattern and fabric combos.

  Now, project one is complete.  A has some adorable grey shorts…shorts with a secret.

hidden treasure ready to try on

Here in the pocket.  A hidden treasure.

map in pocket

Or really a hidden treasure map.

A loves fabric so I’m hoping she’ll enjoy carrying a bit around with her.  We happen to have some maps from an old atlas and when I remembered them I had my plan.
atlas maps

To do this you need to print a map on fabric.

  I used the freezer paper method to print on muslin.  Then I sewed some narrow hems.

rolled hem map

inserting some elastic into one of them.

attaching elastic to map

Where is the other end of that elastic?  In the right pocket.

attaching elastic

It’s attached by sewing the end into the little triangle used to strengthen the pocket corners. [Quick tip if you want to do this pin the elastic on the inside of the shorts.  It holds well and is much easier to pin.]  Then the whole thing fits into the pocket for A to find and play with later.

discovery smiley baby

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