KCW Summer 2015: Day 1

Pattern layout Puppet Show Shorts

It’s Kid’s Clothes Week again!

KCW Spring 2015

Does it bother anyone else that this should really be “Kids’ Clothes Week”?  I always find it just a little distracting.

A will finally get some Oliver + S Puppet Show shorts this go round.  I’ve come up with a nice twist to go with the traveling theme.  I had a million ideas for shirts or dresses to go and even a few for shorts with flat pockets, before I finally came up with something perfect for these shorts and for A.  Still no theme ideas for her nightgown/romper, which will be upcycled from a floral, knit t-shirt, but there is time yet.

This will be my 4th KCW.   Seeing all of the makes can be very inspiring and uplifting.  It’s nice to know how many people are out there sewing for their little ones (or friends’ little ones) and to be a part of that. One of these days perhaps one will line up with O needing things so that I can do an all boy KCW.  He has such a stockpile of clothes currently I haven’t been making him anything.  I feel bad about that,  but even A doesn’t need much this go around.

KCW Fall 2014


KCW Winter 2015

KCW Spring 2015


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