Mind Not Made Up: The Franken Washi becomes Nightlife

2015-06-06 003

Sewing a Bodice Dart

This fabric is a challenge.  It’s unexpectedly slippery, gets runs when sewn and it’s far more sheer than I realized and I can’t decide if I want a shiny or matte Washi, but every problem is an opportunity.  Just as the last few pieces of the fabric were being prepped and a decision was becoming necessary, I realized it really would need to be lined.

Solution:  Line it with something-preferably inexpensive and dark which will support the awesome drapiness of the main fabric.

option A:  Use a fabric I don’t have that meets those qualifications.

option B:  Use muslin. It’s not too stiff. It’s cheap and I have black dye.

option C:  Use the same fabric.-Well, if I’m going to do that I should make one side shiny and one matte. 

Did I just decide to make this dress reversible?

I might have enough fabric.

I pondered this and figured out how it would be done with all of the options I’ve chosen. Then I watched some tutorials.  Rae of Made by Rae has great tutorials for a number of alterations to the Washi including, a partial bodice lining and how to make a maxi Washi.   Seeing her tutorial on lining the Washi made me rethink my long sleeves for such a lightweight fabric and change to short sleeves.  I’m also going to switch to pleats to cut down on the bulk.  I’ll try the sleeves and all that next go round (probably).  I guess I’m choosing different options all together.  Since I’m going all different I guess I’ll add the keyhole cutout too.


Deciding to change to short sleeves was a major save on this one since it turns out I wouldn’t have been able to cut a second set of long sleeves from my remaining fabric.  Now to see how/if this all works out.  Wish me luck.


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