Franken Washi Muslin-Excitement Brewing

Franken Washi Muslin arm hip

Excitement is brewing.  I finally made some time over the past two days to sew up the Muslin for my Franken Washi.  (Yes, I know I should do two sleeves.)  If you haven’t already joined Team Washi or are considering the Washi Expansion you may find some of the following helpful.

Made by Rae has:  The Washi Dress/Tunic and The Washi Dress Expansion Pack.  The Washi Dress/Tunic is a fitted bodice with pleated skirt.  The pattern sales page says it

“…features a cut-out scoop neckline, pockets, and shirring in the back for an easy, comfortable fit. No zippers or closures are needed! The pattern can be made with a basic scoop neckline, sleeveless, as a tunic, or with a longer skirt to achieve a large number of different looks.”

Please note that the pockets are really only for the dress version, but could probably work with a long tunic.

The Washi Dress Expansion Pack offers some great options including: a large or small bow neckline, a Peter Pan collar, elastic instead of shirring, gathers instead of pleats and an additional short sleeve, as well as, a long sleeve option.   This makes the pattern extremely versatile, which is a super plus for a pattern that is already fabric friendly in that it can be made with apparel or quilting fabrics.

Both the original and expansion patterns are great.  The directions are clear and thorough.  There are a few items to note, however, particularly if you will need to make any adjustments.  The expansion does require the original Washi pattern, but only the front skirt piece is used without alteration.  The front and back bodices are slightly different between then two with different necklines, different arm scythes, potentially (view B) two pieces instead of one for the front bodice) and a back bodice lining.  Also the facings are different because the necklines are different.  This really slowed down production after my first toile as I had done quite a few adjustments, but I’m up and running again.

Franken Washi Muslin arm down

My Franken Washi Muslin features the original scoop neckline, the expansion arm scythe, an full bust adjustment and grading out of the pattern to fit my post baby body, along with the 3/4 length sleeve and the back elastic options.  Which means I’ve combined elements of the original with elements from views A and B from the expansion along with my alterations.  The sleeves will need to be longer or shorter (longer, I think), but that is the only change I’ll make when I sew up my next Washi.  I’m trying to decide if I should go with the Not-My-Wedding Dress or something a little more casual and summery.  Maybe something with some of my new fabric?  I recommend checking out all of the Washi Tops and Dresses. A number of awesome alterations have been made to the pattern and favorites are easy to find.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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