Me-Made May Final Days

Replacement ClothingBaby Ninja Training: Month 14-Walking with two stones over uneven terrain.  It’s intense.

Week 5 A and I

Friday 29 Floral Washi, Bugs Peasant Dress

Saturday 30 Batik Hippie Dress, Gone Birding, hand knit by someone and gifted by Nana cardigan

Sunday 31 Green Ruffle Top

We did it!

This week’s photo challenge.  Baby gets motion sickness on the way to playdate so we have to stop at target to buy clothes to change into (Why weren’t there clothes in the diaper bag?  At least it was a good excuse to buy an adorable dress.) and the sibling photo bomber:

 Me-Made May Reflections and Lessons:

A needs some shorts.  She could use a couple of cute tops, but she has enough clothes to go for a week  to 10 days, even at the rate of a one year old.  The biggest me-mades  challenge for A was that Daddy defaults to boy style-jeans and a white onsie-every time he dresses her.  Sometimes I sent her back saying, “It’s Me-Made May.  Her dress is laid out on the bed/changing table.”  Sometimes I’d catch him post onsie and the dress just went on top or me-made pants were added, whichever was likely to meet with the least resistance.

Apparently, I like to make myself summer clothes or clothes in summer.  The last two large batches of clothes I’ve made for me were summer tanks and skirts and then summer nursing tanks.  This trend is probably related to Holiday sewing taking up the fall and the birthday season falling in spring.  I’ll need to think that over.

My biggest challenge was repetitiveness.  Being in the relatively early stages of a wardrobe overhaul that is to be expected.  Needs: shorts, dresses, blouses, pants, anything cold weather (though I do have at least a dozen me-made shawls).  I still like my tanks, but I love my Washi Toile.  That realization encouraged me to fight my way back into the sewing room and get back into Washi production.  Shorts and a couple of cardi’s would be great follow up.  I just get so discouraged having to do the adjustments that I now notice are necessary for every pattern that includes an upper portion (probably why skirts are less of an issue).  The two I’ve got worked out now are awesome though, and looking at ready to wear and knowing why it will not fit, and that I can make something that will, feels pretty empowering.

Thanks for joining us for Me-Made May.

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