Me-Made May Week 4-Sickness in the House

(Sorry, with everyone being sick or recovering the only picture I took this week was on a dressed by Daddy day.)

“New” this week: Ocean Dark and a reversible grey/brown wrapskirt, bloomers.

The bloomers are part of another bag of hand-me downs from a friend’s daughter, which I made for her when she was A’s age.  A is adding yet another peasant dress and a pair or two of bloomers to her Me-Made wardrobe in addition to a reversible wrap dress with matching bloomers (to be grown into). She has at least 8 dresses and a top and two pairs of me-made pants that fit her now.

I feel divided about this.

It’s awesome and they are cute…It frees me up to make clothes for myself,… but it means I don’t get to make A any adorable dresses for a while.  I enjoy making baby dresses.

Week 4 A and I

Friday 22 floral washi

Saturday 23 darksiders

Sunday 24 blue peasant dress with white sleeves aqua ruffle top, grey wrap skirt

Monday 25 blue peasant dress with white sleeves and matching bloomers, rte 66

Tuesday 26 ocean dark, Black savannah

Wednesday 27 hattie, brown ruffle top, multi ruffle top (small children provide so many opportunities)

Thursday 28 brown wrap skirt

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3 Responses to Me-Made May Week 4-Sickness in the House

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Color is awesome. So many are afraid of it. Well done! 🙂

  2. Thanks. Sometimes I can get carried away with color. It’s reassuring to receive positive feedback.

  3. atkokosplace says:

    So cute. I love the colors you’ve chosen for this. 🙂

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