Vintage Finds: Fabric

vintage floral

  We stopped in to the local thrift shop for some banging pans for our outdoor playspace. 2 out of the 4 we hung up last year were not rustproof.  Oops.  We didn’t find a single candidate.  We did find treasure.  Some treasures just make you feel so good that you can’t help feeling that everyone should share some portion of your amazement at your good luck and can be disconcerting when no one does.

O felt that way  about this guy


(Who is the Lizard from Spiderman, but has been dubbed, and thus beomes, Killer Croc from Batman. Identity issues.)

I felt that way about these fabrics.

vintage crepe

This one has a crepe texture  and seems to be a poly/cotton blend.

vintage roses

vintage multi floral pink

These two clearly show how sheer the fabrics are.  They don’t look it here, but the background is a pale salmon pink, much darker than it appears in the photos.

vintage stripe

vintage aqua

vintage carnations      Does the fact this bright yellow/orange print makes me smile outweigh the fact that it would look awful on me?

vintage lamps and  flowers

I’m not sure what these fabrics are, but most seem to be cotton or cotton blend.  All are semi-sheer and, save the crepe textured, seem similar to a voile.  From what I’ve found online it seems these might be early 70’s.  Do you have a fabric find or a misunderstood treasure?

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