Vintage Pattern Pledge

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015 Button

I just found out about an awesome new challenge on A Stitching OdysseyThe Vintage Pattern Pledge.  It is rather open ended which makes it very friendly.    I sewed my first (and second) vintage dresses, Wildflowers and Leftovers for my daughter during Spring KCW and I’m still learning to grade patterns so I will keep my pledge small for now.

I, Logan of, pledge to sew up at least one more vintage  pattern (for a total of 3) from my vintage pattern stash in 2015 and to get said stash inventoried and properly stored.

Have you made the Vintage Pattern Pledge?  Would you like to?  It’s May already, but the pledge is still open.  Don’t want to join?  Feel free to check out the makes on Pinterest.

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