Me-Made May Week 2

Pink Fez 2015-05-11

“Accessorize with a fez.  The Doctor says fezzes are cool.”~ A

I need to sew more knits.  I’m missing knits.  Not only as part of Me-Made May, but in general.  Sourcing knits is proving difficult, even more so ribbed knits to match or coordinate.  Fear keeps me from cutting the precious few finds I have.

Challenge to Self:  Sew knits soon.  Knits make me happy and balance the formality of wovens.

So far so good for Me-Made May:

Week 2      A and I

Friday 8 bubble skirt, spring ruffle top multi, Darksiders 

Saturday 9 black savannah, wildflowers

Sunday 10 brown ruffle top, purple peasant dress

Monday 11 aqua ruffle top, aline knit dress

Tuesday 12 Floral Washi

Wednesday 13 Out Birding

Thursday 14 (hasn’t happened yet)

A bit repeaty, but pledge met.

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