Happy Mother’s Day

2015-05-10 005

working floss boxes

Do you have a hero?  My grandmother is my hero.  I’ve been stitching since my grandmother gave me my first cross-stitch kit when I was 11.   She has always encouraged me.  She has always done for others.  She recently pinned the following quote:

“Never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”

It is her to a T.  She taught me to stitch and to sew.  She took me to my first stitching shop.

Stitching is becoming harder for her.  She spends more time knitting.  Newborn hats has been her ongoing project for the last year or two.  Even though she broke her shoulder last fall and has been recovering, she still insists on stitching a stocking for baby A.  Her stockings are gorgeous and I am honored to have been the recipient of not one, but two over the years.  I am touched that my children will have stockings made by their GG.

At some point during my high school years she stumbled upon a yardsale of what had been a stitching shop.  She purchased all of the DMC floss and got the storage case with drawers too.  To me this seemed like she had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  She split up much of the floss gifting some to each of her granddaughters, all of whom she has taught to cross-stitch.   I spent at least one Christmas morning carefully winding skeins of floss onto cards, labeling them and putting them in their new boxes.

I keep four working boxes of 6 strand DMC organized by color number with one box for repeats.  (see photo above)Extra floss (from Grandma’s gifts and shopping trips with Grandma) are in ziplock baggies grouped by centuries (100’s, 200’s, 300’s, etc.).

Floss to be inventoried

When I saw these boxes of pre-wound DMC, I felt a bit like history was being revisited (revised for those with young children).  Of course inventory was necessary as there are 50 cards of some colors and none of others.  When I was too lazy unable to find my inventory card I stumbled upon a great basics site for stitchers, Cyberstitchers.  Not a here’s how, but thread conversions, fabric calculator, the best inventory/checklist/floss look up tool for DMC 6 strand I’ve seen to date.  Also, some patterns,  a pattern inventory, and finishing information among other things.

Who’s your hero?


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