Bundle-Up Sale Alert (ends tomorrow) and Me-Made May Report


Me-Made May has already done me a favor, by reminding me that I have Me-Made skirts and tanks that I hadn’t been wearing all winter due to it being, well, winter.  Success so far.

Here’s the run down for A and I.

Day 1: Old Photos, Out Birding

Day 2: Rainbow Peasant Dress (Free tutorial)

Day 3:We did yard work, no me-mades.

Day 4:Floral Washi

Day 5:Black Savannah, Purple Batik Skirt/ Floral Peasant Dress with Blue Sleeves and Accent Strip

Day 6: Darksiders, Handknit Cardigan (handmade by someone and gifted by Nana)

Day 7: Spring Ruffle Tank (Aqua) / Hattie 

Linking back to some posts from just a couple of years ago I realize my blogging has come so far, since I realized someone other than my Grandmother might read it. ( Love you, Grandma.)

Sales Alert-Ending Soon

I was reading Mae & K’s Real Deal Jeans post and discovered a bundle up pattern sale.  The more you buy the more you save with patterns for as low as $4.  This go round it’s women’s patterns. In case you are wondering, many of the patterns run from XXS up to 3X or even 5X. The patterns on offer aren’t all something I would go to first, but my pattern collection is markedly lacking in knit patterns and some other niche items that these could fill and really the Violet Fields Threads Ginger Dress and Top-To Die For.  Check out the Peplum Top version.  I like it even better than the dress.

VFT Ginger Dress and Top

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