Watermelon Baby Quilt WIP, Oh Fortuna

Watermelon Quilt Pin BastedOur weekend did not go as planned.  Instead of being a hobbit ring bearer this weekend, O did the rehearsal, then spent the night being ill…We went home before the wedding.  It was a huge disappointment to us all.  In an effort to make up for it Fate allowed him to be well enough for leaf burning, chicken chasing and sprinklers on Sunday.   We were lucky to get the chance for yard work since May is super busy.  My husband followed up leaves with chicken coop modifications and I spent naptime sandwiching the Watermelon Baby Quilt.  As the weather finally turns warm I’m in the mood to sew spring/summer clothes, but quilting is at the front of the queue because the baby to whom this will belong, came on Saturday.

Watermelon Quilt WIP 2015-05-03

I had a little frustration with this as I was laying it out.

Crookedly cut fabric

 The 108″ wide backing fabric was cut crookedly.  Instead of having a few extra inches on each side there was an inward curve of a couple of inches toward the center, which left no room for adjusting and required that I skew the top to fit.   Really! When I cut  off the estra fabric by just wacking at it with my scissors I cut a somewhat jagged yet much straighter line than that (This is not my normal procedure, but there was a ton of extra fabric and I had some frustration to work out).  Is it just me or does fabric cutting seem like a lost art?  How much “extra” fabric do you find yourself buying to compensate for sloppy cutting?  Is the amount different when you are buying fabric for quilting, than when you purchase fabric for garments?  When you lose a few inches due to crooked cutting on both sides it can add up.  I used to figure an extra quarter yard beyond my pattern size or quilt size gave me enough to work with (more for pattern matching and directional prints), but I’m not sure if it is enough anymore.   Hopefully, the swirl pattern will play down the crookedness…

Watermelon Quilt Pin Basted

Pin basted and ready to quilt.  This will be my third quilt, quilted on my home machine.  I haven’t decided yet what to do with the border, but I’m going with a simple stitch in the ditch around the diamonds with maybe a little echo stitching flowing in and charm tacks to meet quilting requirements.

This morning it seems Fate has decided that she was a little too generous yesterday, as O was sick again, though he is playing well enough now.


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