Matched Sets: Mommy and Me + Sibling Coordinates

Valentine Pair 1

My first attempt at sibling coordination

Lately it’s been mostly sewing here on the blog.  I do have a couple of crochet projects that get picked up from time to time and am trying to find a spare moment to do some stitching. I have some quilts waiting to get started and one waiting to be prepped for quilting, but mostly it is sewing.  I’ve been sewing for the kids and sewing for me and mulling over Mommy and Me or coordinating sibling outfits.  I’m thinking this over more and more as Me-Made-May comes up.  I modified my pledge to include A as she has far more me-mades than I do. Have you made any Mommy and Me’s or Coordinating Sibling outfits?  Do you have any suggestions?  Particularly suggestions for boys?

Here are a few patterns for things I’ve admired and am considering:

My Mommy and Me Round Up

Gathered Skirt (with Pockets) for all ages by Purl Bee-Free Pattern

City Gym Shorts for all ages by Purl Bee-Free Pattern

Lotta Skirt (pattern available for children and adults)

Sibling Coordinates

Lucky Girl Dress/Rowan Tee (Hoodie)

Oliver + S Sailboat Pants/Compagnie M Charles Pants

I’m off to snap a few quick pics of the latest crochet project for a future post and perhaps to enjoy the lovely weather, which is finally visiting us.

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