Spring 2015 KCW: Day 7-Hidden Treasures

Puppet Show Tunic Pattern Traced

Note to self:

When you have visitors from overseas and it’s suddenly week one of new business ownership perhaps, you should not take up a sewing challenge…


a sewing challenge might be a nice change of pace.  Just now the littles are undergoing indoctrination into Dr. Who with A experiencing her first time sitting at the little people table.  Yeah, it’s been a sufficiently crazy week, such that we are letting the kids watch TV, but I find my quiet moments in the sewing room and when I feel like things are piling up I can look at A’s new clothes and say, “I accomplished that! (And it will stay done.)”

I finished tracing my pattern pieces for the Puppet Show Tunic/Dress from Oliver + S. I also did my research on temporary hems and have ordered some temporary hem tape for O’s ringbearer outfit, rather than sewing the extra short hem on his dress pants.  After all, it will only need to be extra short for this one occasion.

Ringbearer O

 Here we’re trying on for hemming.

[I did not make this costume, But I am making alterations.  If you are interested, I explained how this came about back at the beginning of Selfish Sewing Week.]

My online foray into the world of temporary hems led to me finding many lovely patterns-that I already owned.  It happened like this…I was happily sewing along and got pregnant (not today, or as a result of sewing).  It wasn’t unexpected, but I’d just gotten into the groove of sewing post pregnancy clothes and little girl dresses.  Pregnancy, tossed all of my sewing plans out the window and began a new to-sew list, which I started following.  Out comes baby and eventually I am sewing things from a new post pregnancy list.  I’ve done some reorganizing along the way and am happily creating-until today, when someone liked one of my pins on Pinterest.  This one to be exact:

Mayah Reversible Pinafore and Bloomers

It reminds me very much of the vintage dresses I’ve just sewn and I think,  “Do I have that pattern?  It would have saved me time grading.  I’m certain it’s one of many that introduced me the admired style.”  I realize that I definitely have another pattern by the same designer, the Iris Dress, which is a reversible wrap dress

Reversible Iris Dress

because I made this dress  (scroll all of the way to the bottom) for a friend’s daughter around the time the sewing queue was thrown out.  A quick look in the correct place and nothing turns up.  A computer search finds it in an old folder along with several other patterns and tutorials (though not the one that had been pinned, because, as I thought, I don’t own it and my pattern grading time wasn’t wasted).  Maybe next KCW  A will get an Iris Dress.  If I recall correctly it was a bit fiddly, but not challenging and I was very impressed with the results.

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