Spring 2015 KCW: Day 6-Vintage Leftovers

Vintage Leftovers

Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

 No food poisoning here, just leftover yardage and a vintage pattern.

While sorting out the Oliver + S Puppetshow Tunic pattern, I realized I really didn’t feel like matching stripes in that many places (really it’s a lot of places).  I thought of how much I enjoyed sewing Wildflowers and decided I could just as easily make a great floral striped Mommy and Me with the leftover fabric from my Floral Washi using the vintage McCall’s  7810 .  (With enough fabric leftover to still make a Puppetshow Tunic too.)  The lining is leftover grey/white/black fabric from a maternity Mendocino.  Double buttons (WIP) make this a reversible double Mommy and Me.

Easy sewing, no lining up of stripes, reversible dress=Happy Me. What makes you happy ?  Have you made leftovers?

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5 Responses to Spring 2015 KCW: Day 6-Vintage Leftovers

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  4. Logan Mack says:

    Hey Val,
    It’s good to see you again and thanks. Some days I want a challenge and stripes on a button down the back skirted bodice top with sleeves and a collar could be great for that, but some days there is joy in the simplest lines. Cut two and sew together is such a happy place. I may get a flagpole to show these off on just so that I can have a reason to make a new one every day.

  5. Valerie says:

    “No food poisoning here, just leftover yardage and a vintage pattern.” – LOL! I agree, a lot of stripes to line up would have taken the joy out of the project. It turned out cute!

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