Spring 2015 KCW: Day 5-Slow Down

Pattern Suitcase

(It became a pattern suitcase after all.)

Doesn’t it feel great to get a lot done?  I feel like I’ve made some good progress on A’s summer wardrobe.  Yesterday, I got a fair bit of spring cleaning done too.  Oh and we also purchased a business on Friday, so this is week one of the take over… I’m so ready for a nap.

Sometimes the most important thing is knowing when to stop. Or at least slow down.  My plan was to sew this evening while our mother’s helper was here, but she called in sick this morning.  My photos are passably done given the grey day. I’ve met my sewing goal.  I even hunted down the leftover fabric from my first Washi and most of the pattern pieces for A’s Puppet Show top.  I haven’t the foggiest idea where the other half of the pattern pieces got to. Instead of hunting them down or tracing them over again I’m taking some quiet me-time with an episode of Call the Midwife  and oogling inventorying my paper children’s patterns.  Hopefully, I will be revived enough to chase the kids this evening and still get in some sewing time too.

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