Spring 2015 KCW: Day 3 Vintage McCall’s 7810

7810 Start

Getting Started:  Fabric, Muslin turned lining, McCall’s 7810 vintage pattern envelope and my graded pattern.  The pattern I purchased is a size 3, but A is still only a size 9m-18m (depending on what you are making) so I graded this down.  I think I will need to adjust the center front hem as it angles up just a touch and should round down more instead to create a rounded hem as you see on the envelope.

McCall’s 7810 is super simple to sew up.  I’m not interested in the “bra” or shorts of the playsuit, which feel a bit dated, but the A-line crossover dress is something I’ve seen modern versions of often enough and have been wanting to make for A.  Crossover dresses are perfect for summer and easily extended to spring and fall with a onesie and/or sweater.  Functional as a dress then later as a tunic I expect this will get a lot of wear.

McCall's 7810

Today is a miraculously good hip day, so while Dad was brushing teeth with the little ones I retrieved some button jars from the shelf above the window.  As I opened the first jar some lovely vintage buttons tumbled out and they were just right for this floral print vintage dress.

Vintage Buttons

Check back in and I may have a modeled picture for you.


7810 front 1 7810 Back


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4 Responses to Spring 2015 KCW: Day 3 Vintage McCall’s 7810

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  3. Valerie says:

    Oooh, goodness! I love vintage clothes!! And children’s clothes, to boot! So adorable. 😀

    • Logan Mack says:

      Thank you. This should be the first of a series of posts on vintage children’s clothes as I was lucky enough to win a lot of vintage children’s patterns. I think the 60’s are my favorite era, but some of my patterns are from the late 50’s and early 70’s as well.

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