KCW Spring 2015: Day 2-All But Notions

Darksiders all but notions

A’s Sailboat Pants are nearly finished.  Her Darksiders need only buttons and elastic, her Out Birding Pants are the same, though they also need to have the vents sewn.  I can’t wait to show you these.  Same pattern, but two very different pairs of pants.  They’ve sewn up very nicely and I’m already dreaming of more possibilities.

Out Birding Vent

If it takes a while to get a finished picture up it is because my buttons are stored above the window over the sewing table, which requires climbing on the sewing table a step stool.  That is not usually an issue, but I have FAI and my hip has been particularly bad these last few days.  Either I’ll have to find a time I trust it to support me climbing (standing is currently iffy at times) or I’ll have to get my husband to get things down, which is best done after I’ve finished all of my sewing so that I can get buttons for everything.  Still it will be soon, very soon.  Good luck with your sewing.

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