Tailor’s Tools: Tailor’s Ham and Sleeve Roll

Ham and Sausage

I wanted to get these done to help me with all of the tiny curved seams in the clothes I’d be making in during Kids’ Clothes Week.  They were ready, but I missed my connection for sawdust so they weren’t stuffed in time.  Still I’ve two more useful tools for the craftroom.  If you are interested the tutorial I followed is on Tilly and the Buttons.  I added some barefoot roses (Tanya Whelan) by simply sewing it to the top piece of canvas with a 1/8″ seam allowance before I sewed up the darts.  Fusible interfacing would have worked too, but it seems like the little ones wander in as soon as I turn the iron on so this was easier for me.

My new iron is cordless and rests in a cradle and the ironing board almost never gets put away, which leaves space for these.

Ham and Sausage Storage

If you are interested in other make it yourself tools for the craftroom check out my series Presents for the Craftroom.


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