Ocean Dark: a KCW Warm Up Ruffled Dress

Ocean Dark Crawling

A loves swimming and when she isn’t swimming she loves dragging around her two mermaid dolls so when I saw this fabric which reminds me of ocean waves I thought I’d make an ocean dress  for  my little mermaid.  I whipped up my second A-Line Baby Dress (Mamma Can Do It-Emma Collection) in no time.

This will be A’s dress for the rehearsal dinner next month.  I kept it super simple with no hem at the bottom or on the sleeves and I tucked the neck under and zigzagged it.  Without the collar the neckline was a bit large for A, but adding a couple of inverted pleats and some ribbon roses fixed that while also dressing it up a bit more.

Ocean Dark Roses

Pattern Note:

This one was a size larger than the first and it had the same problem with the sleeves being just a smidge shy of long enough to fit the shoulder seam.  It was closer on this dress than on the first dress, but it was still apparent  and I had to alter the side seams a bit to compensate (again).  In the future, I’ll cut sleeves a smidge wider.

 A’s Color Block Valentine Dress (shown left) was made during the winter KCW.

Valentine Pair 1

 Next week is the Spring 2015 KCW and I can’t wait.  Come join us.  Also, some great prizes are being given away on the KCW blog this week.


the spring 2015 KCW season!



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3 Responses to Ocean Dark: a KCW Warm Up Ruffled Dress

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  2. Alison says:

    I always covet that fabric when I see it, but I have no one to sew it up for. Yours is super cute (both the dress and the model!)

    • Logan Mack says:

      Isn’t it great when you find something you’ve often seen and adored and realize it’s budget friendly and you have a project for it? It doesn’t happen often to me, but when it does it just feels like the universe is giving me a special gift and it brightens up my whole day. Thanks for the complements and for reading.

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