Guilt Free Sewing, Now with Dental Floss

  Lace Dress Original Silhouette  Lace Dress Modified Panel  Lace Dress Modified Silhouette

Original Dress              +              Skirt Extension               =               New Dress

Some time ago I learned the zigzag method of gathering and I have used it since.  I even shared it with you when during the last KCW when I sewed up the Hattie for A  It has saved me many hours of frustration and greatly improved my gathers.   Lately, I’ve been working on the not-my-wedding dress.  Then I realized how little sewing time I’ve had, and how much less I’m about to have, and that Kid’s Clothes Week is coming up, and that I want to enjoy sewing up the two pair of Oliver + S Sailboat Pants I have all cut out.   Rather than stressing, I did the hated and went shopping and one stop later (No way was I visiting two clothing stores.) my wardrobe no longer completely lacks for formal wear.  I bought the full ensemble with a second dress to spare, which as it turns out might be great for the rehearsal dinner with the addition of a wrap.

Sequin Dress

Spare Dress

 Lace Dress Original SilhouetteBlack Lace Dress

The lace dress is a bit too short.  Luckily, it was on end of season sale and I could have purchased 6 for the price of dress number 2, which wasn’t expensive.  I bought an extra in the largest size with the intent of lengthening the skirts.   I’d done the seam ripping and trimmed the skirts to length, when I sat down and realized that I don’t know how best to gather stretch lace (and come to think of it I’ve never gathered knit fabric).  Well, no sense letting that stop me.   I gave it a go with my TNT zigzag and…no. No.  Again no. This was actually do to miss threading of the top thread, but before I realized that Google found me this IndieSew Tutorial on zigzag gathering with dental floss, which gives a still stronger (and removable) pull string without the difficulty of tangling threads.  Having rethreaded my machine, I gave it a whirl.

2015-04-09 001 2015-04-09 002

You just zigzag over it leaving a tail as though you were doing the original zigzag method.

2015-04-09 001 2015-04-09 006

A bit of tissue paper under the lace stabilizes it nicely and is easily torn out.

 I sewed the gathered skirts to the lower edge of the skirts of my dress and now I’m free to get back to sewing according to my own schedule for fun, Guilt Free (Now with Dental Floss).   Expect to see my first Washi soon.  It’s good to feel positive about sewing again.

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