Floral Washi

Washi 1 Back

Spring finally visited us today.  We don’t have any flowers yet, but the daffodils are about half way up and there is no snow anywhere.  It was so inspiring we were extra productive, going for walks, picking up sticks, hanging pictures, fixing the faucet, hanging a new feeder for the chickens, assembling the new outdoor toybox and both my husband and I each got some hobby time in.  For him that was painting minis and for me that was finishing up the alterations on a dress to wear to a cousin’s wedding and finishing my first Washi.

Washi 1 Front

This Washi Top is sewn from quilting cotton from the Washi original pattern after FBA and with  increased shoulder height.  I used the back elastic option from the Washi Expansion Pack rather than shirring.  Short sleeves are a great way to celebrate Spring.

I’m no photographer myself, but if you’ve ever wondered why I don’t have pictures of me in the things I make.  Here it is:  My husband while occasionally willing to put in no more than 5 minutes time, is really not a photographer.  He just doesn’t do photos.  The instructions were “Please take a picture of me in this top.”  Apparently I have no head, possibly because he took these while sitting down.  The first two thirds of the pictures taken had to be thrown out because I looked a little like I’d been attacked by a ball of yarn.  He didn’t mention that I had picked up black threads while putting baby down.  He hadn’t noticed them.  Let’s not talk about the next section being taken while my chin was curled under and my back was slumped so that I could check for stray threads.  He took pictures of the back without noticing that the facing was sticking up a little, too.  Pretty much in focus, if wrinkled will just have to do.  I could probably train him eventually, but seeing a million bad pictures of myself isn’t good for my self-esteem.  What’s your biggest photo challenge?

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8 Responses to Floral Washi

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  7. Nico says:

    I’ve always hated the pictures my husband takes of me. I think it’s because he’s short and I’m tall, which make the perspective off (or just not too my liking). He’ll also cut me off at the worst places. Now I use a tripod, and take a million shots. I usually end up with a couple I like, or don’t hate at least.

    • Logan Mack says:

      I wonder how common bad husband photos are. I like to tell myself he doesn’t see anything wrong, but it’s also that he isn’t interested in the aesthetic, a shirt is a shirt.

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