Vintage Find for Lefties and Righties


Broker V 88 double handle scissors

Are you a lefty?  I’m not, but most of my female friends and relatives are.  I’ve found that this can further complicate two people working in my tiny sewing space, like when we try to set up the iron.  Perhaps it is my background in education with the current push for inclusion, but, when these beauties came to my attention I instantly thought of how they might make things a bit more inviting.  The large cutting table, which my pictures are often taken on, works great for a leftie and rightie together.   With these lovely antique double handled scissors lefties and righties could both use the same scissors at the table.

Do you have any experience working with an opposite handed counterpart in a small space?  Did you find any neat tricks to help things flow?

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2 Responses to Vintage Find for Lefties and Righties

  1. Logan Mack says:

    Hi Val, I’ve had three different lefties try to teach me to knit and I have made no progress. Thanks for reading.

  2. Valerie says:

    My sister is a lefty (so is my son, actually) and it was a failed challenge to teach her to crochet! 😛 😀 Cool scissors!

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