Vintage Finds: Scissor Sharpeners

2015-04-02 001 2015-04-02 025

This simple vintage scissors sharpener arrived yesterday.    It’s about 2″ by 3″ and flat.    As you can see in the picture you insert your scissors from “THIS SIDE ONLY!” and cut along the thin metal bar.

 It was accompanied by this

 2015-04-02 001 2015-04-02 022

 You may be able to see from the pictures on the side.  This scissors sharpener operates by drawing the scissors one blade at a time along the front edge. Somehow I feel like we took a step backward.  The newer version feels bulky and awkward and less effective to me.  Maybe it can handle larger blades?

The simple  combination of form and function seen in the first sharpener is exactly what draws me to vintage items.  Our throw away society of oversized everything could learn something from when our houses were smaller and we weren’t so far removed from handmade and hand crafted items and tools that were given a certain elegance by the small touches and the insistence on functionality that went into everything.

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