Washi WIP

Washi Tunic Cut Out

Have you seen the Washi Dress?  You must have seen it by now.  It seems to be everywhere.  I really didn’t like it, until I saw one with the scoop neck option and the long sleeves from the expansion pack.  Now, My first Washi has finally made it onto the cutting table.  It took  a while before I was satisfied with the alterations and my mix and match options from the expansion pack for my not-my-wedding dress.   I’m going to do the long sleeves from B and the elastic casing from A.

There is one small hiccup.  My bodice muslin fits well, but I finally read the expansion directions which say that there is a different bodice for the expansion.  Grr! Rae’s directions are great.  She gives lots of options and tells you how to make a lot of changes, including how to alter (I think) the original bodice to work for the Expansion.  When I get a chance I’ll piece the Washi Expansion PDF and check that bodice and see about making changes.  But I’ve already made enough changes with the FBA and my 3 size self to be a little wary of combining 3 patterns without having ever sewn the original.  Did I mention that I had added a 1/2″ to the top of both shoulders?  That might be a problem for the sleeves.  Maybe…

Before I cut into my black dupioni to start on the chiffon sleeved dress version, I’m going to find out if I made any mistakes or failed to notice anything (else) that might be important.  With that in mind I hit the local Jo-Ann’s to pick up some toile fabric.  I didn’t have any luck in the apparel fabric department (Those two short aisles are rarely promising.) but, I did strike gold in the Red Tag section as I was passing through on my way to the quilting cottons.  It turns out they had just restocked the section, which I’ve had no luck with in the past and new stock included fabric for a Washi Tunic, a Washi Dress, as well as, fabric for several items for A including a pair of Oliver + S Sailboat Pants.  The soon to be Out Birding Sailboat Pants.

Out Birding Sailboat Pants cut out

I’m happily anticipating some Mommy and Me Outfits.    Maybe even with these. Do you think a Oliver + S Puppet Show Blouse in the same fabric as my Washi Tunic would go with A’s Out Birding Sailboat Pants?

birding sailboat pants with top fabric

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