Beloved Old Eyes

Like Pooh Bear some old friends never leave us.

O with Panda

This fellow with the very original name “Panda”, was my third favorite plushie as a child, after “Brown Bear” and “Baby Bear”.    I got him at the same time my brother got the much coveted (by me) “Koala Bear.”   Panda now lives with O’s extensive plushie collection and is much overlooked. Being third in line his stuffing has held up well, but during my childhood through one mishap or another he developed heterochromia iridum.

Panda Eyes Close Up

 I’ve been stocking up on vintage patterns and sewing notions lately after I lucked into an amazing batch of vintage toddler patterns.  My most recent mystery purchase was described as “Vintage Women’s Patterns, Plus…” The outside pattern was a lovely 60’s A-line dress, but I suspected the others wouldn’t be as notable, however, the Plus looked to be buttons and I was looking to add a few to my stock.  So I went for it.  I was right about the patterns, but among those buttons were these

Eye Buttons

Now our toy hospital is amply supplied for eye replacement surgery.

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