Spring Surprise Baby Quilt

 2015-03-20 002 2015-03-20 002  (Still wrinkled from the mail and with the center block blotted out.)

Happy Equinox!  It doesn’t feel a lot like it here as it is snowing again, but we are celebrating anyway  Birthday prep is coming along well.  Gnome hats are cut out and waiting to be stitched, birthday crowns are complete/adjusted, goodie bags are half filled.  Perhaps more importantly I have a sort of head count and food sensitivity list.

It feels like all of my sewing times are getting usurped lately for various reasons. We are getting a late, but fever free, start today after yesterday’s sewing day turned into baby sick day.  However, there has been one springy bright spot.  We got a rather large package in the mail yesterday from one of my childhood friends.  Inside was a quilt for A with her name and birth info embroidered along with these lovely, butterflies.

2015-03-20 002 2015-03-20 004

and check out the sparkle on the back.

2015-03-20 002 2015-03-20 007

 So A had something bright and sweet to snuggle up in today as her illness continues to run its course.


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