Selfish Sewing Week Winds Down

leaf birds

Does anyone else read Scary Mommy?  I recently read the post “Me Time is Bullshit Once You’re a Mother.”  Well, today is the last day of SSW and I haven’t sewn a stitch.  Yesterday, I managed to do one alteration, changing a wrap skirt to a button closure.  Thursday, I printed out many a PDF to be assembled and worked on a basted fitting of the Eve Panties before our second Roto-rooter visit of the week.  (I think I may be developing toilet related PTSD).  Yesterday, my “me time” was 30 minutes of sewing one button hole, trimming the ties off of a wrap skirt and  tucking in the ends and sewing them shut.  I was accompanied by O.   So instead of pictures of PDF’s or a button hole, I’ve decided to share a picture of a V of leaf birds flying across a blue sky that is part of a found object art project that O and I are turning into a book.

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