Selfish Sewing Week: Project 2

Fabric Suitcase

I recently purchased this suitcase at a local shop.  I thought it might hold patterns (and perhaps someday it may), but currently it holds fabric.  Anything earmarked for a specific project that is on the short list.  Currently that is fabric for 4 tops, a Jamie dress and a sunhat.  I happily got to take out some for my Rte 66 skirt.

Rte 66 Cut Out

I finished my Savannah Cami and have started sewing a Rte 66 view B in black/grey/white.   A quick tip:  If your fabric is one directional and 42″ instead of 45″ for a three fabric skirt View B you will need 2 1/8 yds of fabric rather than 1 7/8 yds of fabric, which I discovered when I was cutting my skirt out and found that having purchased 2 yds of a one directional was 4″ short because of the fabric also being just a little narrower.  So I had to change to the view A skirt which is 10″ shorter.

large or small Gore

Here’s hoping that there are no more surprises.


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